People Organizer. Adventure Seeker. Kid Wrangler. World Changer.

People Organizer. Adventure Seeker. Kid Wrangler. World Changer.


About Me


Get to know me

Hi! I'm Emilie. Sarcastic mom by day and ninja by night. Just kidding. I fall asleep in my clothes around 9pm playing Candy Crush. I'm not sure how I ended up in the suburbs of Seattle, raising four wild kids, married to the most patient human alive and driving a minivan, but I wouldn't have it any other way. You can find me embarrassing my mother and kids by airing all my dirty laundry to the masses on Instagram.


The Fun Stuff

I am passionate about fighting for the innocent, being vulnerable even when it's hard, asking people super awkward questions, redecorating my house and going on adventures with my family. Then I blog about it. I am available for guest posts, interviews, and speaking engagements dependent on availabilty. Message me to talk details. 


My Day job

I get paid to do freelance personal, marketing, and sales while also being a full-time, unpaid soccer mom. They both seem to be 80-hr a week gigs so I don't always have openings for new clients. But...if you are looking to hire me, or start a new carpool, send me a message regarding availability. I love nothing more than organizing other people's lives and businesses. Except my children! Of course I love them more! Most days...